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I would like to draw arcs between data points in a series.


In the oil industry a well survey is usually displayed by a series of points connected by arcs. An arc is very close to the actual path a drill will take between points on a survey. Survey points are about 90 feet apart, so connecting them with a straight line looks ugly. Which method should I override to accomplish this?

If I get ambitious, I may also consider using Bezier curves to connect points, as this could be useful to represent geological boundaries as a background for my well survey plots.

I have attached a picture showing the type of plots I need to make. The red line is a survey and the background represents geological layers. The survey is presently connected with straight lines, which makes it difficult to determine precisely where the survey intercept the boundaries.

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Hi Stephen,

While it is impossible to draw splines, bezier curves or arcs with SciChart out of the box, we do have a very well documented workaround on creating a Spline series using our CustomRenderableSeries API.

Take a look at the following KB article Creating a Custom Spline Line Series.

enter image description here

You might find this useful as a starting point. We also have a fully featured application in the SciChart Examples Suite -> Create A Custom Chart -> Spline Line Series.

Best regards,

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