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Include series for CursorModifier

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I want to use a CursorModifier that snaps to series, but not all series. I can see the BaseRenderableSeriesViewModel has, for example, IncludeTooltipModifier, but there is no IncludeCursorModifier property so I haven’t been able to get it to work out of the box.
Is this a missing feature?

Are there any work arounds? I was thinking of adding metadata to a series, but there is no metadata for the entire series, just a metadata for the point markers.

I also tried to create a class that inherits from, for example, LineRenderableSeriesViewModel, that has an IncludeCursorModifier, or similarly named property. The issue I had with that is that when I create my own inherited version of CursorModifer I only have access to the ParentSurface?.RenderableSeries which is not the ViewModel version of the series, and thus that information seems to be lost – I can’t cast a member of RenderableSeries to my custom MyLineRenderableSeriesViewModel, thus I can’t inspect whether it should be included in the cursor modifier.

I appreciate the help.


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Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your inquiry.
You can set the CursorModifier.IncludeSeries attached property to False on the RenderableSeries. Please take a look:

<s:FastLineRenderableSeries Stroke="#1964FF" s:CursorModifier.IncludeSeries="False"/>

You can find this property described in the “Excluding a Single Series from the RolloverModifier” section of the following documentation:

We will also consider adding this description to our CursorModifier documentation page.

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