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Infer or share point x values.

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I am testing scichart and want to plot as much data as possible on a memory constrained system.

Our data is equi-time with no gaps in any of the series. It seems very memory wasteful to have to store an x value per data point per series when these could just be directly infered from the index of the point, this would allow memory usage to be halved.

Is it possible to achieve something similar to this in scichart.

Side question if I have a number of series that all share x values is it possible to use one set of x data for multiple series without it being duplicated in memory.

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Hi Hugh!

You are indeed right that it’s wasteful to duplicate X-values in this case. I can tell you that at the moment SciChart doesn’t support sharing an X-array, or deriving the X-value from the index. It could potentially support this with a code change (which I would have to log a feature request for and then prioritise). It has been asked before and would make a good feature.

So that we know a little more. How many points are we talking about? What series types / drawing types do you want to draw? What is the memory + specification of the computer you are running on?

Our position is that memory is cheap, software dev time is expensive. In some cases it may be better to buy more memory than to rearchitect the software, but it really depends on the point counts and available hardware / reasons for hardware choices.

Best regards,

  • Hugoagogo
    Our use case is software running on panel mount touch panel pc’s due to location these are low power fanless maxhines. They generally have a reasonable atom processor and 2-4 gb of ram. The data is from a motion controller and comes in at 16 channels up to 1kHz, our aim is to be able to support being able to keep as long as possible on screen and being able to zoom in to full depth. (Our application already has options for decimating the data before display if needed)
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