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I am using a trial download of scichart 3.32.6026.
On a windows 8.1 (german OS) I install to location c:\program files\scichart3.32.6026\

Side question: Why do you want to default install to C:\Users\_my_user_name\AppData\Roaming\ABT Software Services Ltd\SciChart_v3.32.0.6026\? Do I have to install to this directory?

After installation SciChart is not installed to c:\program files\scichart3.32.6026\ as I entered but to c:\program files (86x)\scichart3.32.6026!. I checked this twice by uninstalling and reinstalling.

I noticed the problem immediately because the installer asks to launch scichart samples and I get the following error message:
[Window Title]
C:\Program Files\SciChart3.32.6026\ExamplesBin\Abt.Controls.SciChart.Example.exe
“C:\Program Files\SciChart3.32.6026\ExamplesBin\Abt.Controls.SciChart.Example.exe” konnte nicht gefunden werden. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie den Namen richtig eingegeben haben und wiederholen Sie den Vorgang.
The translation of the message is essentially: Example could not be found at c:\program files... . Make sure that the name is written correctly.

As you can see in the message it looks in c:\program files\ folder for the samples where I wanted to install it.
But checking on disk it is installed to c:\program files (86x)\
There is no installation folder at c:\program files\ !

As an annotation: This is a german Windows. So using c:\program files\ or c:\program files (86x)\ in commands works. But in windows explorer these folders are named c:\programme\ and c:\programme (86x)\ for the user.

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Hi Uwe,

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with the installer. As far as I’m aware, we (by default) install to %CURRENT USER% folder because the SciChart Examples require disk access and Program Files cannot guarantee disk access depending on security policy.

That being said – installing to Program Files should work.

Can you try uninstalling and re-installing with the default directory? At least you should be able to work if not in the directory you wish.

Best regards,


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Hi Andrew,

I can work with it. I reinstalled with the standard folder.
Mainly I wanted to bring this issue to your attention.

best regards,

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Thank you Uwe, I'll pass this over to my QA team and see what we can do. Kind regards, Andrew
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