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Interpolation in Heatmap with VisualXcceleratorEngine

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Hi SciChart-Team,

I’m currently rewrite one of our applications and move this from the leagacy .NET Framework to .NET Core.
I also replace the old SciChart.DirectX package and the DirectX Renderer plugin with the new VisualXcceleratorEngine witch is also based on DirectX.

In one chart we display a Order Spectrum as a heatmap (FastUniformHeatmapRenderableSeries) with linearly interpolated color between the cells. Thefore we activate the property UseLinearTextureFiltering.

But with the new VisualXcceleratorEngine is there no linearly interpolated color between the cells. Is this feature only available for the old DirectX Renderer plugin??


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Hi Ingo

I believe the WPF team investigated this and found out that they had simply not enabled the interpolation flag for the Visual Xccelerator engine. They have corrected this and we will publish in the nightly builds soon.

Note that the property FastUniformHeatmapRenderableSeries.UseLinearTextureFiltering will only work with DirectX based renderers.

Best regards,

  • Ingo Fiedler
    I checked it with the latest build from yesterday and now it works as expected. Thanks
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