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Invalid window handle


After upgrading to SciChart v6, we get this error when we open a page in our app that contains four SciChart graphs:

Error: Invalid window handle.
Stack Trace: at MS.Win32.UnsafeNativeMethods.GetWindowText(HandleRef hWnd, StringBuilder lpString, Int32 nMaxCount) | App.xaml.cs(736,17): Void b__24_2(System.Object, System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.FirstChanceExceptionEventArgs) |

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Hi Christopher,

That error could be anything. ​Are you able to isolate it in a small test application and send it over to our support desk?

SciChart WPF itself does not use any window handles (only WPF UserControl so it could be related to other components or parts of your app.

If you can isolate it, send it over and we will gladly take a look.

Best regards,

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