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I am trying to produce a ScatterChart that has point markers colors that are dependent on a list of color datapoints. I have created a custom IPointMarkerPaletteProvider that has the PointPaletteinfo function defined as:

    public PointPaletteInfo? OverridePointMarker(IRenderableSeries series, int index, IPointMetadata metadata)

        return new PointPaletteInfo()
            Fill = ((BondMetaData)metadata).Color,
            Stroke = ((BondMetaData)metadata).Color,


It works, however, the panning feature becomes extremely laggy as though it is resetting the color of every point everytime the chart is moved.

What should I do to improve the performance?

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Hi George,

Are you using v5 or 6 or SciChart WPF?

In v5 the Lines or Scatter Chart + PaletteProvider is really slow, but in v6 this was one of the issues we addressed with our new ‘Visual Xccelerator engine’ which brings up to 100x faster WPF Charts.

Find out more below:

SciChart WPF v5 could draw line charts pretty fast, but if you added in edge-cases such as changing the colour per-point, or including gaps in series with double.NaN, or dashed lines, or digital lines, the extra processing would slow down the chart. In SciChart WPF v6, we have improved all these scenarios. Take a look at the test results below.

enter image description here

In summary:

  • The control test (1,000 line series x 1,000 points) is 292% faster.
  • However … with PaletteProvider (changing colour per point) it is 3,874% faster.
  • … with dashed lines is 318% faster .
  • … with gaps in series using double.NaN, is 669% faster.
  • … with digital (step) line is 465% faster.

Please let me know if this helps. If you still experience issues, contact support with steps to reproduce and we will do our best to assist.

Best regards,

  • George Dobson
    Hi Andrew, I upgraded to v6 and that improved the performance. Thanks, George
  • Ota Hofmann
    Hi, I have same problem even though I updated the SciChart. Can you help me? I have ~20k points and graph render takes about 30 sec. The render without PaletteProvider is immediate. Thank you so much!
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    You’ve updated, but did you enable the Visual Xccelerator engine?
  • Ota Hofmann
    Hi Andrew, thank you for your response. I did – I ’ve added VisualXcceleratorEngine.IsEnabled=true and there is no change. With line VisualXcceleratorEngine.EnableImpossibleMode=true I have blurred graf (everything is very small, but fast) Btw. Every points have same color I change only opacity. Thank you for your time
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