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Is a y-axis in the middle of the chart possible?


I am currently evaluating and trying to find out if it is possible to draw the y-axis in the middle of the chart. Is this possible?

Like the alignment for left and right an alignment like “middle”. The sample only shows left and right alignment.
If it is not build in. Would it be possible to code a custom position? (But not by changing the source of SciChart but rather extending it).

I would need it for 2 scenarios:
A “running” chart like the FiFo Chart of the samples with the y-axis in the middle.
Like so (the pipe being the y-axis). First line the initial state. Second line after 3 ticks:

And a y-axis fixed chart like: y-axis at position 0 and the axis extending to the left with negative values and extending right with positive values (but at any possible position not just 0).


I would have the same question for the x-Axis but I haven’t looked into x-axis configuration myself yet.

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Best Answer

Yes, it is!


New to SciChart v3.2, you can place an axis in the centre of a chart.
To do this we have added a special property for the axis:

enter image description here

Does this help?

Best regards,

  • Uwe Hafner
    That looks great. It should solve one of my requirements. Thanks . When I knew what I had to look for I even found it in the samples. Its the oscilloscope sample.
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Glad to be of help! :)
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