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I have a need to display a group of data sets in one chart, but because the duration of the data sets vary quite a bit I’d like to have a logarithmic time axis. Has anyone done this before? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jeramy,

Short answer, no, because TimeSpanAxis is linear, and there is no LogarithmicTimeSpanAxis.

However, you can use the LogarithmicNumericAxis and the LabelProvider feature to format numbers as labels.

For example, imagine your XyDataSeries<double,double> has X-values equal to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … and you denote 1 as 1 second.

Now you can use the LabelProvider feature to format these numbers as TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1), TimeSpan.FromSeconds(2) etc…

Please let me know if this helps,

Best regards,

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