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Is PixelPointMarker3D not supported by VertexSelectionModifier3D in latest version?

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Hi there.

When using PixelPointMarker3D, it seems that it does not work depending on the version of “SciChart.Charting3D.dll”.

Here is my code.

    <s3D:PointLineRenderableSeries3D IsLineStrips="False" StrokeThickness="4">
            <s3D:PixelPointMarker3D SelectedFill="Red"/>
. . .
        <s3D:VertexSelectionModifier3D ExecuteOn="MouseRightButton" />

When i use a dll in the “%AppData%\Local\Programs\SciChart\SciChart SDK\ExampleBin\net6.0-windows\SciChart.Charting3D.dll” path, It works fine as follows.
(Dll Version:

On the other hand, when referring to SciChart3D received through Nuget, it does not work as shown below.
(Nuget Package Version:

It seems that TooltipModifier3D also behaves in the same way.
Is there any solution for the above trouble?

Best Regards.

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Hello Nada Nada,

We’ve investigated in fixed this regression. This fix will be included into our future releases(official or nightly) in version #v7.0.1.27107 or later.

Have a nice day, and thank you for reporting this!

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