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Hey guys,

I have a couple of KeyBindings (up/down keys) that do custom stuff in my Chart.

Unfortunately, though – if I use the Shift + Up or Shift + Down key combinations, the old directional key logic comes back in, and I lose keyboard focus of the Chart Surface.

I am trying to disable it by using KeyboardNavigation.DirectionalNavigation=”None”, but I’m not having any luck.

Have you guys got a solution for me, to disable Directional Navigation on the SciChartSurface?

I would prefer not to add key bindings for Shift + Up that does nothing – just to make sure the event isn’t propagated up the chain, if possible.


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Hi Miles,

SciChartSurface doesn’t have own navigation logic, this is default behavior… could I ask you, do you pass the surface as command parameter to view model, or which do you need to have it keyboard-focused for? Maybe, we can come up with some workaround for you.

Best regards,

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