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Legend DataSeries check box sporadic toggle failure during realtime graphing

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I am working on an application that involves realtime graphing of large amounts of data. Plotting the data in realtime is working flawlessly, except the legend checkboxes associated with the DataSeries are quite temperamental.

By temperamental, I mean that attempting to toggle a checkbox in the legend (via clicking the checkbox), only works sporadically. Resultantly, the users are required to click the checkbox multiple times until the checkbox is successfully toggled.

This only occurs while plotting realtime data, and I’m assuming it is related to the UI thread being bogged down.

I’ve tried setting the SciChartSurface.RenderPriority to low, but this failed to fix the issue. I’m unsure if there is anything you guys can do on your side; however, I figured I’d reach out just in case. Any tips would be much appreciated!

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