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I’m trying to use a heatmap to show live data as it’s being collected. The heatmap examples seem to show how to create and playback existing data.
Is there an example that shows how to update a single heat series as data is being measured? I’m measuring one point at a time and need to update the heatmap accordingly. I’m measuring and updating points at a rate of about 100us.
Creating a new UniformHeatmapDataSeries at each measurement updates the heatmap very slowly.

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Hi Armando,

Yes there is, you can see our documentation here which talks about updating the heatmap cell by cell.

Updating Data in the Heatmap

The UniformHeatmapDataSeries and NonUniformHeatmapDataSeries do not
support Append, Insert, Update, Remove like the other DataSeries do.
You can however update the data and force a refresh by simply updating
the array passed in. To do this, use the following code:

int cellHeight = 200;
int cellWidth = 300;
var data = new double[cellHeight, cellWidth];
double startX = 0;
double stepX = 1;
double startY = 0;
double stepY = 1;
var heatmapDataSeries = new UniformHeatmapDataSeries<double, double, double>(data, startX, stepX, startY, stepY);

// ...

// Update some data and force a refresh of parent chart
data[5,10] = 123.45d;

Please let me know if this helps!

Best regards,

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