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Logarithmic spiral line chart


I am trying to use SciChart to graph a logarithmic spiral with a fast line renderable series. I am also using the zoom pan and mouse wheel zoom chart modifiers to allow the user to zoom and pan the chart.

However, panning the chart so part of the spiral goes off the right side of the screen causes the corresponding left part of the spiral to disappear. Moving the center of the spiral off the right side of the screen causes the entire chart disappear.

I suspect SciChart is attempting to optimizing the line drawing and does not expect the line to loop back into the visible region. Is there a setting I can change to prevent the spiral in the visible region from disappearing?

I am using SciChart version 1.55.4761 and have noticed this behavior with the x-y scatter renderable series as well.

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Hello there,

We do have a test case that renders a spiral, but didn’t try zoom-pan or log axis on it yet. I would suggest the following:



  • If you are rendering a spiral, you must use UnsortedDataSeries, not XyDataSeries. This is because the XyDataSeries expects data to be sorted in X-Direction. To remove this limitation, use the UnsortedDataSeries variant and set ResamplingMode to None on FastRenderableLineSeries
  • If you are combining ZoomPanModifier with LogarithmicAxis, note in v1.5.x this feature does not work correctly. In our internal build we have already re-written the LogarithmicAxis and the ChartModifier API to allow this case, so this feature will be released as part of SciChart v2.0
  • <


    Let me know if any of this helps,

    Best regards,

    • jcrduke
      Andrew, Thanks for the quick reply. Using UnsortedXyDataSeries in place of XyDataSeries fixed the problem I was having. Panning the chart now works as expected.
    • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
      That's great news. Note, UnsortedXyDataSeries cannot be used with the RolloverModifier (since this takes a vertical slice to get Y-values), but can be used with the CursorModifier. Best regards, Andrew
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