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I need your help regarding memory management to use scichart in my application.

First, here my configuration:
Processor: Intel Core i5 2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz
Installed memory: 4.00 GB (2.92 usable)
System Type: 32-bit
SciCHART Version:
Dataseries : XYDataSeries <datetime, float>.

I don’t know in advance how many I’ll have dataseries. It depends on the user.

About 100 dataseries for more than one million points each.

Given the number of points you can not store everything in memory.

What are the solutions that you can advocate for me?

Is there a solution to compress dataseries?

Best regards

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Thank you for your reply.

I try to use the DataSeries.ToPointSeries method but I can not know it are the parameters to pass.

In addition, I would like to execute calculations show but the framework does not offer what I hope (like fourrier calculation, etc.)

Have you ever try to run python code or you know a library that allows you to make calculations advance.

Best Regards

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Hi Mohamed,

There is no way to compress DataSeries in SciChart’s XyDataSeries, we can only recommend to either pre-process the data to be smaller, or to expand memory on the target PC.

If you want to pre-process data, take a look at our DataSeries.ToPointSeries method, which is used internally to perform resampling of data. You can call this method passing in parameters to reduce the dataset from millions down to a few thousand points.

Alternatively, you can use another Line Compression Algorithm to reduce the data before display and reload as the user zooms or pans the chart, although this method will result in visual data-loss.

Best regards,

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