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Why are you using .NET System namespaces in your product?

There are namespaces such as System.Diagnostics (and StopWatch class) in the scichart.dll.

This is not “friendly”.

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Hi there,

SciChart is a cross-platform WPF & Silverlight component, which shares around 95% of its codebase between the two platforms. I’m sure you’re aware there are a few deficiencies in the Silverlight platform, for instance, there is no System.Diagnostics.StopWatch, no ICloneable interface, no UIElement.SnapsToPixels etc!

Where you see classes like this it is to provide a syntactically correct equivalent for a WPF class or method which doesn’t exist in Silverlight. To give us the best cross-platform compatibility, the namespaces are the same as in WPF. It’s a technique many bloggers & tech writers use to create cross-platform code.

SciChart also uses WriteableBitmapEx, which is an open source 2D drawing engine, licensed under MS-PL. We try not to deviate too much from their source, which uses the namespace System.Media.Imaging so that WriteableBitmap extension methods are available wherever you reference a WriteableBitmap.

To ensure your code doesn’t get polluted with ours in dummy namespaces, those classes are marked as internal. May I ask, is there a problem with conflicting namespace on a class from SciChart with a MS namespace? If so, let me know which, I can rectify this by ensuring it is marked as internal.

Best regards,

  • ghs
    Thank you for the response Andrew. Your response explains things and I do not forsee a problem moving forward based on your expanantion. (I did have a name conflict with Stopwatch but that was due to accidently including a SciChart SL dll in a WPF evaluation app). Gerry
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Gerry, I'm glad you got it sorted, we welcome feedback, even if critical (!) so please don't hold back. If you have any other problems let me know. Andrew
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