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Multiple Charts share same X Axis


Do you have any demo or code to show how to make multiple line charts of time series to share same X axis(which is time).

I also tried the demo of Sync Multi Chart Mouse. But, there is a gap between two charts when I move my mouse, which looks not nice.

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Hi there,

There are many examples in our Examples Suite showing how to share multiple XAxis on a chart.

  • Sync Multi Chart Mouse – Demonstrates how to synchronise two charts by binding the XAxis.VisibleRange and sharing mouse events with MouseEventGroup
  • SciChart Trader – Synchronizes mouse events and XAxis.VisibleRange in a stock chart application
  • Create Multi Pane Stock Charts – uses SciChartGroup to create a multi pane stock chart with synchronised axis

We also have a tutorial on Synchronizing ChartModifier Mouse Events Across Charts here.

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