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MVVM API vs direct access


Hello support team,

We are currently starting a complete redesign of our SciChart implementation from V3.x to V5.x. In V5.x the MVVM pattern is now supported and we would like to use this.
Our main focus is on the performance of the SciChart component. Now the question arises whether the use of the MVVM API is questionable for exactly this reason (performance).
Does it make a big difference whether I address the series directly or via the MVVM API?
Thank you very much for your support!

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Should be none at all (no performance impact).

When you create a RenderableSeriesViewModel derived type in your viewmodel, we instantiate the series and add it to the chart. The data-binding is done as before and any changes to DataSeries in the viewmodel are reflected on the chart.

You might (untested) run into a performance problem if you are doing something unusual like instantiating hundreds or thousands of series, but there is nothing we are aware of that will cause any slowdown with MVVM.

Have a look through our MVVM tutorials for guidance how to use the new APIs. Any questions just ask!

Best regards,

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