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I want to add some new lines to my chart dynamically and am using MVVM

I can see how to add my lines to the chart series, but am unsure how to add the various YAxis etc

From the code below, you can see I have passed a reference to my SciChartSurface to the Viewmodel at construction, and by using this I can dynamically add a Yaxis (R3), but now need to and YAxisDragModifier to the axis but am not sure how to do this? Is there any better documentation than the Class Library Documentation or better examples on MVVM that I have not found that shows dynamic adding of lines, axis etc, or could you help me get this going please?


   NumericAxis na = new NumericAxis();
  na.VisibleRange = new DoubleRange(0, 500);
  na.AxisAlignment = AxisAlignment.Right;
  na.Id = "R3";
  YAxisDragModifier ydm = new YAxisDragModifier();
  ydm.YAxisId ="R3";

// How do I add this now???????
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