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New .csproj (VS2017) and SharpDX

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I’m trying to integrate into a large scale solution where SciChart needs to be installed into a new csproj type of project system.

While I was able to make WPF + SciChart kind of compile by following this:

And more specifically this:

I cannot get it to properly use SciChart.DirectX package because SciChart uses very old SharpDX nugets (2.6.3).

The newer SharpDX nugets (4.0.1) do support new csproj / nuget 3.x properly, but since SciChart is locked into an older version I’m left unable to use it…

Are there any plans to update you own dependencies to a new SharpDX?

While for now I have samples runnign without DirectX, I don’t know how important it might become in the future…

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Hi Dan

You will be pleased to know that SciChart WPF v5 runs on SharpDX v4.0.1. To use this you will need to enable our BETA NuGet feed ‘abtsoftware-bleeding-edge’ (instructions are here).

A full release of SciChart WPF v5 is expected soon, but we do not have an exact timeline.

Best regards,

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Thanks a million, I didn’t know how to mark the answer in this interface as “good” but its great news.
Looking forward to testing it out later.

As I’m in evaluation process right now, I will probably wait for v5 for my final decision, but great news.

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