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I have bound the annotation collection to the scichart as shown below.

Annotations="{s:AnnotationsBinding ChartAnnotations}"

And in the code behind (view model) i am adding annotations to the collection like,

   private AnnotationCollection _ChartAnnotations = new AnnotationCollection();
   public AnnotationCollection ChartAnnotations
      get { return _ChartAnnotations; }
         if (_ChartAnnotations == value)

         _ChartAnnotations = value;

   TextAnnotation annotation = new TextAnnotation();
   annotation.X1 = FirstX;
   annotation.Y1 = 2.0;
   annotation.Text = tempData1[(i - 1) >= 0 ? (i - 1) : 0].PacketType.ToString();

But I am not getting any annotation when I run it, moreover, the original scichart series is also getting disturbed.

Would be grateful if you look into the issue.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question!

The AnnotationsBinding Markup Extension must be bound to a collection of IAnnotationViewModel

Like this:

 <s:SciChartSurface Annotations="{s:AnnotationsBinding Annotations}">


public class MainViewModel : BindableObject
    private ObservableCollection<IAnnotationViewModel> _annotations = new ObservableCollection<IAnnotationViewModel>();

    public MainViewModel()
        Annotations.Add(new LineAnnotationViewModel()
           X1 = 1, X2 = 2, Y1 = 1, Y2 = 2,
           XAxisId = AxisBase.DefaultAxisId,
           YAxisId = AxisBase.DefaultAxisId,
           CoordinateMode = AnnotationCoordinateMode.Relative,
           DragDirections = XyDirection.XYDirection,
           ResizeDirections = XyDirection.XYDirection,
           StrokeThickness = 2, 
           Stroke = Colors.Red,

    public ObservableCollection<IAnnotationViewModel> Annotations {  get { return _annotations; } }                

Please see our Annotations MVVM API Documentation for more details.

Best regards,

  • Ashvij
    From the testing that I have done till now, one thing I got to know is that if I add the annotations in the constructor of my view model , it works fine, but if I add the annotations in my timer function (in a loop) it won’t work.
  • Andrew
    It shouldn’t matter where you add them. I would suggest following our tutorial on adding annotations with mvvm to better understand this api
  • Ashvij
    Thanks for the help. I think the problem is that I want to add a collection of annotations every time I update the line series in a timer (dynamically) and I guess that is not possible with annotations in scichart.
  • Ashvij
    I had one small query… In the tutorial 07b – Adding Annotations with MVVM , how is the ObservableCollection(IAnnotationViewModel) Annotations bound to xaml code, cause I am getting a blank scichart surface on adding the annotations through this – Annotations=”{s:AnnotationsBinding Annotations}”?
  • Andrew
    Blank chart can be debugged by going through our troubleshooting. The tutorial code works so there must be a problem on your side?
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