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NumericAxis3D MajorGridLineStyle does not respect StrokeDashArray

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Style is set thus:

        <Style x:Key="MajorGridLineStyle" TargetType="Line">
            <Setter Property="Stroke" Value="Red"/>
            <Setter Property="StrokeDashArray" Value="1,5"></Setter>


            <s3D:NumericAxis3D DrawMajorGridLines="True" DrawMinorGridLines="False"  MajorGridLineStyle="{StaticResource MajorGridLineStyle}"  />

but grid lines shown in solid red, no dots nor dash.
The Stroke and StrokeThickness properties work but not StrokeDashArray

but documentation here:


To style a MajorGridline or MinorGridLine create a Style with TargetType=Line and set properties such as Stroke, StrokeThickness, StrokeDashArray etc…

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