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We are investigating the SciChart 3D trial in order to upgrade an application already using SciChart 2D. In the process, we found that SciChart 3D downloads and depends on a DLL at:


Our production environment doesn’t have internet access nor can users load DLLs downloaded into the users folder.

Is there a way to package SciChart3DNative.dll with SciChart 3D for offline usage? We have already tried copying the DLL and every permutation of the above folder path next to the compiled application, but this didn’t affect SciChart downloading and depending on the %LocalAppData% DLL.

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Hi Tandy,

SciChart3DNative.dll is not downloaded, but packaged inside SciChart.Charting3D.dll as an embedded resource. It is written to the path %LocalAppData%\SciChart\Dependencies\v5.2.0\x86\SciChart3DNative.dll when the 3D chart is loaded and run, and is loaded as a native library from there.

Does this answer your question?

Best regards,

  • Tandy Carmichael
    Andrew, Thank you for your reply. That satisfies me with the offline access. However, our current security policy prevents users from loading DLLs outside of certain folders. (Which explains the real problem we were seeing.) See for an approximation of the rules. Is it possible to package the SciChart3DNative.dll beside our application so that the user can install it to a trusted directory? Thank you, Tandy
  • Andrew
    Short answer: no, long answer, we did have another customer with a similar problem so I will talk to the team and see if we can provide an alternative solution
  • Andrew
    Hi Tandy, we have added the task to overhaul the deployment of C++ modules for the next major version of SciChart. We do not have a release date at this time, however I would very roughly estimate approx 3 months. Best regards, Andrew
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