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I want to render the unsorted data. Please check my code:

var dataSeries = new XyDataSeries<double, double>();

lineRenderSeries.DataSeries = dataSeries;

var xData = new double[] { 1, 2, 3,2};
var yData = new double[] { 1, 2, 3,2};

// Append data to series. SciChart automatically redraws
dataSeries.Append(xData, yData); //Stuck here.

In addition, there is a exception thrown with message :

Exception thrown: ‘System.InvalidOperationException’ in SciChart.Charting.dll


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Yes. Find the answer:
dataSeries.AcceptsUnsortedData = true;

However, the debug info is not good…

  • Yuriy Zadereckiy
    Hi Xifeng, we’re glad the issue has been resolved. Concerning the exception being thrown, we added this because appending unsorted data can drastically decrease performance of a chart. You can find more info in this article: As to the debug info, we tried to make the exception’s message as clear as possible. It notifies that X values aren’t sortedand suggests to set DataSeries.AcceptsUnsortedData. If you have any ideas how can we improve user’s experience here, please let us know.
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