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Pan without zoom

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ZoomPanModifier provides Pan+Zoom functionality. But, is there modifier for Pan only?

I don’t want to zoom the chart when edges are reached during panning.

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Hi there,

You need to look at the options for ZoomPanModifier.ClipModeX. This lets you choose how the modifier behaves when it reaches the end of the data.

I hope this helps!


  • kylerenwick
    I’ve been trying to use this method, and it doesn’t seem to work for the Y axis. When I pan up, the zoom always increases. Is this behaviour normal? If so, do I have to create a custom ChartModifier to enable panning without zooming?
  • kylerenwick
    I think that this might be a bug. It turns out the problem is that I had VisibleRangeLimit set to (0, 100), so when I tried to pan up too far, the lower bound would be locked at 0. As a result, future attempts to pan up cause the view to zoom vertically.
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Have a look at – we present an alternative to build in VisibleRangeLimit (scroll down to “Advanced VisibleRange Clipping and Manipulation”). Using this you may be able to solve your conflict of VisibleRangeLimit and ZoomPanModifier pan in Y-direction.
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