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Please help me to solve the following problem about the WPF platform

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As seen in the picture above.I want to use ScichartScrollBar to control the left and right movement of all items in the ListBox,And it doesn’t prevent me from dragging individual items.

What I mean by that is that when I use ScichartScrollBar I can control everything, and when I drag a single ListBoxItem it doesn’t affect all the other ListBoxItems

What should I do to achieve this effect?

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Hi Zhang,

If I understand your requirements correctly, you want to achive the following:
1. Change the VisibleRange for each single item using the ZoomPanModifier
2. Change the VisibleRange for all items using the SciChartScrollbar

To support a single item scrolling, the X-Axis visible ranges should not be bound together.
This will allow the ZoomPanModifier to work properly.

To scroll the all items, you should manually set the same VisibleRange value for each X-Axis.
The SciChartScrollbar provides a special SelectedRangeChanged event which raised with a new selected visible range.
So, you can use this event to update X-Axis visible ranges and synchronize all the items.

For more information about the SciChartScrollbar, please take a look at the following documentation:

Best regards,
Dmytro Herasymenko
SciChart WPF Developer

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