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Plot a line chart where X and Y both increment AND decrement

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I’m struggling to get SciChart to draw a graph where both X and Y axes have values which go up and down.
ie, the data values in the horizontal (X) axes goes backwards.
I tried to attach a photo previously but the forum locked up. If you imagine the outline of a banana pointing to 2 o’clock , that is how the data would look when plotted.

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Hi Andy,

Try using UnsortedXyDataSeries as a data-source. We have a demo of this under our Silverlight examples suite here. Make sure you click on Lissajous as the data-source.

Best regards,

  • ajt
    • ajt
    • 11 years ago
    Ok thanks, It's working better now. However, I'm having trouble getting it to zoom extents... I append all the data and call this from a button:
            private void btnZoomExtents_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
                sciChart.XAxis.AutoRange = AutoRange.Once;
                sciChart.YAxis.AutoRange = AutoRange.Once;
    However, it only extends the X axis to include all data, the Y axis picks up a tiny portion of the range. I've removed the chart modifiers and it still wont range the Y axis properly
                <!-- Specify interactivity modifiers -->
                        <!--<SciChart:ZoomPanModifier XyDirection="XDirection"/>
                        <SciChart:ZoomExtentsModifier XyDirection="XDirection" ExecuteOn="MouseDoubleClick"/>-->
                        <SciChart:AnnotationCreationModifier x:Name="annotationCreation" AnnotationCreated="OnAnnotationCreated" />
    Any ideas ? Maybe I can specify the zoom manually ? Regards, Andy
  • ajt
    • ajt
    • 11 years ago
    Am having real difficulty attaching images by the way - hopefully this 92Kb jpg will upload..
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi there, Ok, this should just work. I would suggest, set the ResamplingMode=None on the FastLineRenderableSeries. If that doesn't solve it please send over a full code example and we can investigate. You can attach code by the way to the forums, just zip it up. Also please be sure not to include License Keys or sensitive data in your zips. Best regards, Andrew
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I am considering applying server-side licensing for my javerScript application.

In the document below, there is a phrase “Our server-side licensing component is written in C++.”

However, there is only sample code on the provided github.

I wonder if there is a sample code implemented in C++ for server-side licensing.

Can you provide c++ sample code?
Also, are there any examples to run on Ubuntu?

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