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Is there any option in stock chart to place point markers in arbitrary location of chart and arbitrary numbers of them? I want to use this capability to compare two or more critical points of the stock chart. In other words I need a list of selective point markers to monitor the critical points of captured data. Let me know how can do this.

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Hi Hamed,

Thank you for your enquiry! Yes there is, please take a look at our Trade Markers demo. This uses our Annotations API to place WPF UIElements at arbitrary points on the chart. The annotations are placed using data-coordinates and automatically update as you zoom or pan the chart. There is a great overview of our Annotations API at Annotations Are Easy.

Alternatively, you can use our XyScatterRenderableSeries with the PointMarker API to place bitmap point-markers on the chart. This is less flexible than annotations, but will provide a boost in performance.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

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Thank you for your useful answer and it helped me so much, but I’m using the annotation on scichartgroup now and binding the trade marker to the group looks like different from scichartsourface and I get some exceptions. Let me know how can I bind the annotations to the group to locate on all surfaces.

Thanks a lot,

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Hamed. The way our forums work - if you add a new answer, only the question poster gets an email. If you comment on my answer, I get an email. Please use comment in future so your requests' don't get lost. To answer your question - in WPF a UIElement can only have one parent. So you need to bind ScichartSurface.Annotations to a property in your chart pane ViewModel. Then, you need to have separate annotation collections for each chart pane. I hope this helps! Andrew
  • Hamed
    Hi Andrew, Thank you for your useful comment, but in my chart pane ViewModel class I can't access to ScichartSurface of sub-graphs. Let me know how is accessible the chart surface of each sub-graph in chart group. Thanks, Hamed
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