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I developed a program using scichart.

Unfortunatly, It can not work on some computers.

There are same hardware and OS(Window 7).

I found this problem when I use DirectX.

I have referenced your code. and My code had ChangeRenderSurface method.

but It can not work well…

I think the problem occurred when I called scichart3d.

What is wrong?

Does it need to install anything else?

If you have a solution , please tell me.

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Very hard to tell with the information provided.

  1. Does the problem occur with 2D Charts or 3D Charts?
  2. Do the PC’s that use SciChart meet the minimum requirements for 2D Charts or 3D Charts?

Best regards,

  • Guest
    1. I bought only 2D charts library(enterprise ver). so I don’t know 3D charts case. 2. Yes, I used .Net Framework 4.5 and Visual Studio 2017 Community version. Do you need more information else? :)
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Yes, to know kind of what the problem is (you didnt say yet) and the hardware specs of computers that show the problem (Specifically: what GPU model)
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