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I hope you can help, i’m running out of ideas. I have multiple charts and other controls in an application with multiple windows controlled by a third party docking manager. SciChart works fine as long as the windows are docked but when they are floated the charts stop updating although the data context is still valid and other controls can be floated ok.

I have created a sample with a button which toggles the display of two charts and a text box demonstrating the problem. The text box and button can be floated and continue to work while the charts will not, and also do not work when they are re-docked. The sample is attached but I have ommitted the docking library dll as it is licenced and I don’t want to make it available globally, please email me if you need more information.

I am using VS2012, .NET4.5 and SciChart


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Hi there,

We’ve investigated the issue, actually, it was reported several times already. It’s caused by SeriesSource, we unsubscribe from listening to changes inside SciChartSurface. Unloaded handler. So you can work around the issue in such a way:

sciChart.SeriesSource = null;
sciChart.SeriesSource = SeriesSource;

Do this every time you detach a window from dock.

Please, let us know if this helps! And thanks again for attached project, this really helps to reproduce & fix issues quickly!

Best regards,

  • Dai
    Hi, Thanks, i've implementsd the fix in the SciChartSurface.Unloaded event of each of the charts and it works great. Cheers Dai
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