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Problems with VisibleRange YAxis and MVVM



I’m trying to set the visible ranges of the X and YAxis with MVVM.

My xaml code looks like this:

        <!-- Define the SciChartSurface -->
        <SciChart:SciChartSurface Margin="5" x:Name="sciChartSurface"
                                  SciChart:ThemeManager.Theme="ExpressionDark" DataSet="{Binding ChartData, Mode=TwoWay}" ChartTitle="Lage rug vs romp"

            <!-- Declare RenderableSeries -->
                <SciChart:XyScatterRenderableSeries ResamplingMode="None">
                            <Ellipse Width="9" Height="9" Fill="SteelBlue" Stroke="LightSteelBlue" StrokeThickness="2"/>

            <!-- Create an X Axis -->
                <SciChart:NumericAxis DrawMinorTicks="False" DrawMinorGridLines="False" TextFormatting="0" AxisTitle="Romp" VisibleRange="{Binding Path=LowerBackXAxisVisibleRange}" >

            <!-- Create a Y Axis -->
                <SciChart:NumericAxis TickTextBrush="#FF4083B7" AxisAlignment="Left" AutoRange="False" DrawMinorTicks="False" DrawMinorGridLines="False" TextFormatting="0" AxisTitle="Lage rug" VisibleRange="{Binding Path=LowerBackYAxisVisibleRange}">
        </SciChart:SciChartSurface >

This works fine for the XAxis, but not for the YAxis.
Any idea?


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Hi Pat,

Could you try to specify Mode=”TwoWay” for binding explicitly and look if it helps? We couldn’t reproduce this issue on our side, but there were another similar requests and setting binding mode to TwoWay explicitly helped.

Best regards,

  • pray
    Yuriy, That solved my problem. Thanks. Pat
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