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Real-Time chart with date/time Y-Axis



I am just getting started with SciCharts and I’m hoping you can point me to a sample that might best fit what I am trying to accomplish.

Right now I have a basic application that receives data from four different sensors (data comes in at a rate of one data point per minute). I have four charts that I want to use to display the data. Ideally, I’d like the graph to show the last 2 hours worth of data, with older data scrolling off the screen. The X-Axis is just the data value, while the y-axis should show date/time, rather than time in seconds (such as in the FIFO example).
(Also, for this application I am not using MVVM, if it makes a significant difference).

Thanks for any help.


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Hi Aaron,

We don’t actually support DateTime YAxis, but, we can do one of the following:

  1. You can have a DateTime XAxis and Numeric YAxis, but rotate the chart so XAxis is on the left/right and YAxis is on the top/bottom
  2. You can use NumericAxis on the YAxis, insert double values as DateTime.Ticks, and use our LabelProvider Feature to format the YAxis values back to dates.

If you need any pointers on the above, feel free to comment below, I can update my answer.

Best regards,

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