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Realtime EEG Graph rendering issue

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I am having an issue with the SciChart graphs. I have attached an image – SciChartIssue.png, here which shows the issue. Our SciChart graph contains 8 channels of dataseries for EEG / EMG signals. By default the first channel is selected. When we select/deselect additional channels, they start showing up on the graph accordingly. The issue happens when a channel is de-selected. i.e. when any channel is de-selected, we are clearing that particular channel dataseries, while the other series is being appended and rendered using SuspendUpdates(). But on the graph, the waveform tends to move towards the extreme end of the chart (as seen from the image attached). we were initially using version 5.4 of Scichart. but i later updated it to v6.3, but still have the same issue.
If you are aware or have come across such an issue, then I would appreciate any help or advice from you. Since this is a vast and secure project, I am not able to share the entire code with you at this moment. However, I have attached a xaml & .cs file used to render the graph, If it helps.


Version; & version 6.3
  • Terrence Joy
    Also would like to add, I tried referring many Realtime graphs, and replicating the timer and other methods to render the data. but i have not had any success. Let me know if you would like any other information. (p.s – the Priority support for our license has expired, and we are in discussions to have that changed/renewed. But in the meantime, i would like to known if this has been a know issue or if anyone has come across this, and has a solution. )
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Terrence, not a known issue but I can get the WPF team to take a look at the sample provided. Currently a public holiday today, but will be back tomorrow. Best regards, Andrew
  • Terrence Joy
    Hi Andrew, I think I have figured out the issue. I had to add the else condition, as shown below, to the channel values appending NaN value before rendering the data for the de-selected channels. This has fixed the issue for me. ” if (channelsList.Contains(channel)) { _dataSeries[channel].Append(i, (double)filteredRaw[channel].GetValue(j)); } else { _dataSeries[channel].Append(i, double.NaN); } ” Thanks! Terrence
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