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I believe there’s a typo in the code tab for the view model:
We have:
if (XVisibleRange.Max > ds0.Count)
var existingRange = _xVisibleRange;
var newRange = new IndexRange(existingRange.Min + 1, existingRange.Max + 1);
XVisibleRange = newRange;
but clearly the min value should not change (at least no here) since as result the real time values will not be in the visisble region. It might be an idea to update the sample code.

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Hi Claes,

What this code does is advance the VisibleRange (scroll one point to the left) when the latest price is inside the viewport. This has the effect of keeping the ticking stock chart always in view, if it is in view, but when you scroll back in time so the latest price is out of the viewport, it will not advance.

Is this not what you expected?

Best regards,

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