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RealTimeUpdated StackColumn Chart with binding time(x-axis) and custom string(y-axis) in mvvm

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Hi sir,

We would like to build a real time updated stackedcolumn chart in mvvm mode.
Is that possible? (x-axis on the left side)(y-axis on the bottom side which can keep update with only 10mins range)

I wonder can I use the StackedColumnRenderableSeriesForMvvm?
I found out this control but have no idea how to use it…

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I couldn’t post my image when I wrote the question…

so I upload it here.

We would like to build this kind of chart in mvvm and not sure how to build it or what kind of approach would be better.

Using StackedColumnRenderableSeries, StackedColumnRenderableSeriesForMvvm?
Or using CustomRenderableSeries?
Also I wanna binding the x-axis content,
I guess I need to use AnimatedVisibleRange(binding in viewmodel) for y-axis(time) and use VisibleRange for x-axis(binding in viewmodel).
Looking for the best way to build this chart, thank you very much!

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Hi Wade,

Thanks for your inquiry.
In SciChart, StackedColumnSeries doesn’t allow having Columns of different Width (as on the image you sent).

If it isn’t crucial for you, then StackedColumnSeries should be fine. In this case, you should use a separate StackedColumnSeries with Transparent fill to render gaps to the vertical axis:

Otherwise creating a custom RenderableSeries using CustomRenderableSeries API is the option. Please take a look at the corresponding documentation for more info:

Hope this helps.

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