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Hey everybody,
is it possible to create Charts like the one I’ve attached?
Basically I wanna show some statistics about my AI labeling data, and the rectangles shown are the bounding boxes
of said labeled data. The rectangles have to be stationary and not moveable (unlike rectangular annotations).
The data will be available in a normalized format.

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Great Answer

Hi Mario

The image isn’t very clear, nor do I really understand why you want to do this. But you can add rectangles to a SciChartSurface.

Three ways you could do this:

1/ Using BoxAnnotation

2/ Using 1x FastLineRenderableSeries and 1x XyDataSeries with four line segments per rectangle

3/ Using CustomRenderableSeries – bit more complex but it’s possible you could have one single series to draw rectangles if wrote a custom one

Best regards,

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