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Reducing times for Loading (5000Series x 5000points) x 10 charts

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Hi, I’m struggling to reduce times for loading draw (5,000Series x 5,000points) x 10 charts
which is in Scichart example ‘Load 500Seriesx500points’.

  1. Present, Loading (5,000Series x 5,000points) x 10 charts consumes about 1 minutes.
    How can i load and draw this more faster?

  2. And While in loading, how can i generate and show a Progress bar?

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Hi Hyunji,

SciChart is fast but 5000x5000x10 is 50,000 series and 250,000,000 points, requiring 4GB of RAM. It’s quite a big ask for any chart library!

The bottleneck here is the RenderableSeries which are WPF FrameworkElements, which enable binding, XAML property setting and MVVM. Instantiating just one FrameworkElement takes about 1ms. So 50,000 series you can expect to take ~50 seconds.

We can make it faster using an experimental series type called “Slim Series” – a type that does rendering but does not inherit FrameworkElement. I’ll ask the WPF team for some stats on time to instantiate, but you’re still going to hit a bottleneck with drawing 250million points on 50k separate series.

Best regards

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@Andrew Burnett-Thompson
Thank you, Andrew!
I know it is really big ask but, wanted to know if there is some other options.
I really look forward to experience the ‘Slim Series’ someday.

And like i asked above,
Can i ask about how to show a progress bar?

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Hi Hyunji Jeon,

I’m glad to inform you that we’ve created a custom example demonstrating the usage of the SlimSeries.
You can find it by the following link:

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

With best regards,
SciChart Technical Support Engineer

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