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Remove Crosshair Horizontal Line in View

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I want to apply a Style that has removed the horizontal lines of the CursorModifier.

private void ExecuteLoadedCommand(StackGraphViewer parameter)
        if (root == null) root = parameter;

        root.sciChart.ViewportManager = _scrollManager;

        // Remove CrosshairsHorizLine
        root.sciChart.MouseMove += RemoveCrosshairsHorizLine;

    private void RemoveCrosshairsHorizLine(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
        Line crosshairsHorizLine = root.sciChart.ModifierSurface.Children.OfType<Line>().FirstOrDefault(line => line.X1.CompareTo(0d) == 0);
        if (root.sciChart.ModifierSurface.Children.Contains(crosshairsHorizLine))
            root.sciChart.MouseMove -= RemoveCrosshairsHorizLine;

I want to solve it in View XAML, not ViewModel Code.

What should I do?

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Hi Park Seong Gyu,

Thanks for your inquiry.
As an option, you can create a Style for the CursorModifier Crosshair Lines and set the StrokeThickness property to 0 or Stroke property to Transparent.
Please take a look at the “Styling the CursorModifier Crosshair Lines” section of the following article for more info:

Please let me know if this helps.

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