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Hi folks,

I’m re-posting this since it may have gotten lost in another topic. I’ve migrated everything in my app to v2.x except for the ability to hide cursor crosshairs. In 1.x, I had included CrosshairsStyle=”{x:Null}” (thanks to a tip from Andrew, I think) in my declaration of the CursorModifier. But there seesm to be no CrosshairsStyle parameter in v2.x. I need to know how to hide the crosshairs now.


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Hi George,

As part of a refactor, we moved a lot of properties into a base class to share with other modifiers. Please now set the CursorModifier.LineOverlayStyle to x:Null. It should to the same thing.

Sorry about that! We try to give people great upgrade documentation, but it’s hard to keep track of all the changes (plus workarounds we’ve given people in the past).

Best regards,

  • yefchak
    Thanks, it works! --George
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