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Request for Assistance: Displaying 2D Byte Array on SciChart 3D Chart

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Hello SciChart Community,

I am currently working on a Windows Forms C# application where I need to visualize a 2D byte array (A[MxN]) on a 3D chart using SciChart. However, I’m facing some difficulties in achieving this task.

My goal is to display the contents of the byte array A on a 3D surface plot or another suitable 3D chart type provided by SciChart. Each byte value in the array represents some intensity or elevation value.

I have explored the documentation and examples provided by SciChart, but I couldn’t find specific guidance on how to achieve this.

Could you please provide some assistance or guidance on how I can achieve this visualization using SciChart in a Windows Forms C# application? Any code snippets, examples, or documentation references would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,

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Hello Mr. Nha,

Thanks for your inquiry.
We can recommend you using our Uniform Surface Mesh chart type. Please find the corresponding documentation article below:

Please note: to see the C# code sample you can switch to it on the “XAML / CS” tab control.

Additionally, to use SciChart WPF inside your WinForms application you can use a WinForms ElementHost control. Here you can find one of the examples:

Hope this helps.

With best regards,
Lex S., MSEE
SciChart Technical Support Engineer

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