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Rollover modifier "snap to nearest"

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I have an impulse series chart, and with SciChart v3.x the rollover modifier line would “snap” to the nearest point. Since migrating to v6.5 this no longer happens – only the rollover marker snaps, not the vertical line. Setting UseInterpolation=”False” has no effect.

I’ve only noticed this on the impulse series, and the rollover line does still snap on other types (e.g. line, scatter). I just wanted to check that I’m not missing something, or if there any way to reinstate this snapping behaviour?

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Hello Andrew,
Thank you for reporting, this problem is fixed in #v6.5.1.26066 and will be added to our future releases(nightly builds and major releases).

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for reporting this.
We managed to reproduce the issue on our side.

I have logged it in our tracking system. It will be prioritized by the team and investigated based on its relevance.

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