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Is there any easy way to display RollOver tooltip similar to attached screenshot?


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Hi Charith,

Take a look at this tutorial, which goes into depth discussing the modifiers synced across multiple charts: http://

One caveat to note is modifiers which share a mouse event can prevent later modifiers from working, as the event is marked as handled. To receive an event even if handled, set ChartModifierBase.ReceiveHandledEvents = true.

Another idea is try using a different mouse button for the two events, e.g. Set the ExecuteOn property n the modifiers to choose how they are executed , e.g. Right mouse button or left.

Or… You can make use of the IsEnabled property to toggle which modifier is active e.g. Via binding to toolbars. We use this technique in a lot of our examples, such as Oscilloscope and SciTrader.

finally, failing all that if you can’t get exactly the behaviour you want, with our extensible ChartModifier api you can create custom modifiers.

Let me know if the above helps. I didn’t look at your solution yet (thank you however, it really helps us when people do this)’ so if the above doesn’t help tell me, I will take a look.

Best regards,

  • Charith Jayasundara
    Hi Andrew, Thank you very much for your detailed answer. It helps and I was able to sort out the issue by just adding ReceiveHandledEvents="True" for the SelectionModifier. Best Regards, Charith
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    That's good to hear :) Best regards, Andrew
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