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I am doing all of my integration with SciChart using c# code.
Is there a way to simply customize the text of the Rollover modifier?

By default it shows

x: somevalue
y: somevalue
z: somevalue


when a data point is selected. I would like to simply change it to


Time: somevalue
Profit: somevalue

Is there a way to do this in pure c# without having to define xml templates etc?

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your inquiry. I am sorry for the late reply.

You have to change the TooltipTemplate for the RolloverModifier. Please take a look at the corresponding documentation:

And “Styling the Tooltip Item Template” section of the following documentation:

However, this is rather a WPF related question and you should look for a solution on dedicated forums. Everything that is done in XAML can be done in code. Unfortunately, we do not have examples that demonstrate how to do templates in code, because this is not a popular way.

Here is one of the examples of how to create a DataTemplate in code:

Hope this helps.

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