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Hey guys,

A quick one; is there a way I can hide the tooltip that the RolloverModifier displays on the XAxis when it is in use? This has nothing to do with the regular RolloverTemplate tooltip or hit-testing data points.

Screenshot attached to be clear đŸ™‚


PS bonus question: can I style what it looks like? I might want to tweak the background colour or something later on, but for now just removing it for one of my Charts is the hurdle I need to jump over đŸ™‚

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Yes, you can set ShowAxisLabels=False.

This was a requested feature so we added it in. To style the axis label you will need to set RolloverModifier.AxisLabelTemplate. An example can be found below:

    <DataTemplate x:Key="AxisLabelTemplate" DataType="r:AxisInfo">
        <Border Margin="1"
                Background="{Binding Path=CursorLabelBackgroundBrush,
                                     Source={x:Static s:ThemeManager.ThemeProvider}}"
                BorderBrush="{Binding Path=CursorLabelBorderBrush,
                                      Source={x:Static s:ThemeManager.ThemeProvider}}"
            <TextBlock Text="{Binding CursorFormattedDataValue}" />



  • Diego Guerrero
    I followed this example and it works fine for templating the X-Axis label, but now the Y-Axis label is being displayed too (default behavior for Rollover is to show only on the X-Axis label). How do I disable or hide the Y-Axis after I changed the template for AxisLabelTemplate?
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Hi there,

You need to use the AxisInfoTemplateSelector object and an empty DataTemplate. The following code shows how AxisLabelTemplate is defined by default:

    <ControlTemplate x:Key="RolloverAxisLabelTemplate" TargetType="r:TemplatableControl">
        <s:AxisInfoTemplateSelector Content="{Binding}"
                                    XAxisDataTemplate="{StaticResource AxisLabelTemplate}"
                                    YAxisDataTemplate="{StaticResource EmptyDataTemplate}" />

Please, try it and let us know if this helps!

Best regards,

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