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RolloverModifier RolloverData and SeriesInfo


Hi guys,

I have a very customised RolloverModifier in place for my main SciChart. I take the SeriesInfo data after your RolloverModifier OnModifierMouseMove has completed, grab the data and build my own objects that are later used to build a complex Legend for my SciChart, complete with Total / Average columns for the series data points, as well as some XAxis info (Dates) in rows.

I also define a TemplatableControl in my XAML (UserControl.Resources section) and assign it to the RolloverLabelTemplate property of the RolloverModifier, and it provides the little ToolTips when you hover the RolloverMarker on the various data points.

My question is – how could I possibly extend your SeriesInfo class, such that I can distinguish one Series from another for presentation. My specific problem is that some series that are added need to have one particular StringFormat, while others need a different StringFormat applied. If I could add a flag my custom RolloverModifier code, and then use a DataTrigger in the XAML, I’ll be home free.

I have tried creating a custom class to extend/implement SeriesInfo, and assigning a collection of those to the SeriesInfo property underneath the RolloverData object in my code, but the binding in the XAML doesn’t seem to be able to see the Properties in my extended class.

I’m a bit stuck here. Is it possible without performing open-heart surgery on RolloverModifier?


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There is a pretty thorough exposition of RolloverModifier SeriesInfo and how to extend the binding in this related post: RolloverLabelTemplate Show X and Y Value Separated.

Best regards,

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