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RolloverModifier with UnsortedXyDataSeries

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I have problems with RolloverModifier while dataseries are UnsortedXyDataSeries. If I change to (sorted)XyDataSeries everything OK. I didn’t find any information in documentation that this modifier has such restriction.
Second question about sorted series: does Append(x,y) of XyDataSeries require to be last point of x range or it can append to any place of existing range?

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Best Answer

Update June 2014

SciChart 3.0 has been released and UnsortedXyDataSeries is now obsolete. Now you can append sorted or unsorted data to XyDataSeries, the chart will automatically determine the data distribution (Sorted, Unsorted, Evenly Spaced, Unevely Spaced)

3. UnsortedXyDataSeries is now Obsolete

  • XyDataSeries now detects whether data is sorted or unsorted.
  • No need to specify if data is unsorted, however performance is still better if it is.
  • HitTest and resampling algorithms are changed accordingly.

However, note that vastly superior performance can be achieved when data is Sorted in the X-Direction. For more information, please see our Performance Tips and Tricks article.

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Hi there,

The hit-test functionality(which RolloverModifier relies upon) was implemented for the UnsortedXyDataSeries in SciChart v3.0. Please, check if you use the proper version.

Regarding the second question, the Append method adds a data point to the end of the DataSeries. If you need to insert points, please, try using the Insert/Remove methods. Is it applicable in your case?

Best regards,

  • sahon
    thank you for reply, v.3.0 is still beta. I would rather sort my data points to use sorted dataseries with rollover modifier.
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Quick point: its still in Beta because we didn't receive enough feedback because people don't want to try Beta software ;-) If you can try it and let us know if it works in SC3 we would be really grateful! Even if you don't use it for production code.
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