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I have noticed that the RolloverModifier only “snaps” to each point when used with a FastLineRenderableSeries. Is there any way to get this feature to work with an XyScatterRenderableSeries? I want to use the rollover to display the X values, but only when the rollover is on a point – I don’t want to see all the “in between” values.

If this can’t be done, I could change my series to a FastLine (to get the “snap” to work), but can the series be styled to hide the lines, so only the point markers are visible?

Finally, does the RolloverModifier expose any events that I can react to, to know when a point is being hovered over? I need to display information elsewhere in the UI relating to the point being hovered over.

Thanks in advance

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I’m just another client of SciChart, but I recognize this issue as something I’ve played around with. Regarding your first post, the RolloverModifier exposes two properties that could be of use — ShowToolTipOn and UseInterpolation. When UseInterpolation is “False”, the rollover gets snapped to the data points. So this may be helpful:

<!– Provides a "roll over" effect and the ability to display tooltips –>
<scichart:RolloverModifier x:Name="rollover"

Secondly, the RolloverModifier exposes some sort of DTO object (you can find it in the documentation) that includes the DataSeries. And DataSeries includes a Find Index method that will be of use locating the X-Value you need.

  • andyste1
    I've just realised the .SeriesData property is a DependencyProperty, so I think I've got something to go on now. Thanks for your help.
  • dsantimore
    Andy, It wasn't clear to me all along that the issue was supplying data to the VM. I recently had a similar issue and used a ValueConverter within the RolloverModifier's template; since the datacontext of the template is the SeriesData, that data was available. I supplied the ViewModel as a StaticResource in the ConverterParameter, and then I could do what I wanted. It's also not on the high-side of elegance, but it does avoid dealing with the MouseMove event.
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