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Is it possible to scale annotations? I’ve included a couple screenshots. The first is our old, ugly legacy chart. The next few are SciChart. One challenge we have is to place labels on a chart at different locations relative to specific locations on the series. They need to be annotations that the user DOES NOT have permission to edit before he saves the chart to a PNG.

The purple and red lines on my chart look exceptional and “scale” correctly because their XY values scale as the chart is resized matching the series as it scales.

The red, purple and orange annotations however do not. I understand why it’s happening as I’m placing the annotations at exact locations via XY. So as I magnify or resize the window the XY doesn’t change; however, the original location of my annotation “appears to the user” to move. I understand that it’s not really moving as it is still located at the same exact XY where it was placed.

Is there a simpler way to scale it to a relative position during a window resize? Or am I stuck having to redraw the annotations as this happens?

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I discovered that HorizontalAnchorPoint and VerticalAnchorPoint allow me to meet my requirements.

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