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Scatter plot, multiple point colors

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I am getting started with Scichart (again) and was hoping you could help me with a question.
I am attempting to plot a data series on a scatter plot. Is it possible to set the color for each individual point (either manually, or based on another piece of data)?

I thought I remember seeing an example on this a while back, but I can’t seem to find it now.


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Not quite.
For an example, I’m looking to generate a graph such as the one in the attached image.

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Hi Aaron, the post that I linked to has this text in it – this shows you how to colour each point with a scatter chart:

Update, In SciChart v3.2 we now support the PaletteProvider for scatter charts.

There is a KB article titled Dynamically Change Series Color using PaletteProvider here‘.

Also there is an example which demonstrates this here.

Also you might want to check out our tutorial on custom renderable series. If you want fine grained control over scatter points then this is absolutely hands down the best way (although requires some customization on your part)

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