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Scatter Plot Performance

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I currently have a scatter plot:
XyScatterRenderableSeries series = new XyScatterRenderableSeries();
series.PointMarker = new EllipsePointMarker()
Fill = Colors.Blue,
Width = 3,
Height = 3,
series.AntiAliasing = false;
series.ResamplingMode = Abt.Controls.SciChart.Numerics.ResamplingMode.None;
With 12000 points. The points are sorted, but I’m still having performance issues. When zoomed all the way out panning and zooming is very slow/choppy. Is there a way to set up the series so that it has higher performance?


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Hi there,

In our examples and test-cases we are able to display up to 20-50,000 scatter points before the speed becomes unacceptably slow. This is because scatter requires more pixels to be drawn (it is fill-rate limited) rather than line. Also scatter points cannot be resampled. We are using the HighSpeedRasterizer which is faster than HighQualityRasterizer for scatter points.

In our internal build we are experimenting with drawing scatter points using multi-threading. This is part of our ongoing commitment to focus on performance. The speed is excellent, you can get 10-50k points at 60FPS and 100-200k scatter points at still interactive framerates.

Hope this helps,

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